Not sean

 ¿Qué bebes?

Actor: captor (luz)

No lo encontraréis en ningún lugar. Lo veréis en la belleza.

el universo unió los dots y se creo a sí (frío)

["In 2008, Santana told Mojo that "Samba Pa Ti" was the first song he felt he could call his own."

"Samba Pa Ti" was conceived in New York City on a Sunday afternoon,"..."I opened the window I saw this man in the street, he was drunk and he had a saxophone and a bottle of booze in his back pocket. And I kept looking at him because he kept struggling with himself. He couldn’t make up his mind which one to put in his mouth first, the saxophone or the bottle and I immediately heard a song"..."I wrote the whole thing right there"

-Carlos S]

No ‘toy pa' nadie


a quality

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