1/10/20 0:51 

You didn't send the friend request! It's okay, just know I'll never forget you, nor Katie or Elisa (Tristan). I guess you never saw me at all. Well, I did see you. All the best from London Town, and please, if you have the chance, buy me lottery at Leinestraße. I had the dream I should buy lottery there, but maybe the prize was going to Berlin. Since I'm always poetrying, that was "una de mis contadas fiestas*". *Pero qué fiesta. Vale por un millón de fiestas... o de euros.




Peace of being

At [it]

kité (pensé es)

From Easter 

I love laughing [K(rishnamurti)]

I knew there was a hole and that I could come to Malibu… 

Toes lip 

Elle lit 

J'écoute la radieu 

Âme, amie... 

No soy bella, soy ella. 

Un do past 

Sí r 

The way you find things can genuinely change 

We fly with just one wing [from Love minus zero

Buenos Aires desde el avión, no hay otro 

When I saw Mr. Land waving, renewed myself 

Tu pelo honey 

He’s the il est 

From Earlier 

Dios ha 

7. Que se besen 

I have UN umbrella 

Lucecita es mil es 

Sin, (que) falta 

item, nunca más temí 


Es soy tallo (olmo; al

Identity is a liar

Buona ser 


il n'y a que más  


A rose without u

Body can't love, unlike mind (rephrasing)


Love is ‘earned’



And the visions you have recognizing what is not [love] drive or can drive you insane (if not kill you)

But that is what mental health (we] is all about