(ven. 8 nov. 2019) "News"

Dear ......,

I'm trying to contact you... I couldn't get your new email and wrote you via Messenger but I don't know if you can read me. Same here. Let me know, please! In case you read this: yes, I'm finally moving on. 

I've also seen you're in Africa. I'm very impressed. I saw you won a prize or something, in Berlin... congratulations. You're a marvelous thing.



(mar. 19 nov. 2019)

Yes, I did it, the most difficult thing for me, the hardest I've ever done, standing my ground. I'm at times devastated, melancholic and also worried about him. I can feel his pain. But I've done the right thing for sure. It seemed impossible to do, but I just couldn't goback, catch my train, take the plane, and I stayed. This happened between Sunday and yesterday. Thank you for listening, thank you for caring. I deeply appreciate it. God bless you. Best wishes,


PD: Phew

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