Mali-Lima (ven. 24 mai 2019) "Love le"

 ...., my

I know how debilitating it is in life to be constantly exposed to things, that's why I hope you're reading this because it's something you want to do, not just because it's something you stumble upon. There is no way to know where does one passion end, where does another begin, as everything mixes up together, in a way, transforming us in a very dramatic way (the burning is so real, I know you feel it too; I do). And to burn is the healthiest and noblest thing of all, but you can die of it (beautifully and having, indeed,  lived), and that is why I was asking someone on facebook to be compassionate, or responsible (and I was asking the same from myself, since I know that, if I don't take care of me, I deteriorate spectacularly, because of my sensitivity and impressionability). This person (but there are a few) is very much entering my field. I can feel him or them, also the great pain he or they hold(s) within himself (or themselves). There are some important writers around and other celebrities and now I'm kind of unimpressed again but in the beginning, and we are talking only days, I was shocked. Some people are very obsessed with the poet (or Woman) I represent. Well, maybe you're too, but probably because you're female I see you differently. I think I trust you more (I'm only emailing you). One of these writers is my favorite writer, that's something quite astonishing if you think about it (and also the unbelievable things I discovered that I'd love to discuss with you sometime) and there is also my possibly second favorite, at least in Spanish / from Spain (but we're talking universal literature) but happily this one is in a stable/unbreakable marriage. A very intense man too. They are older in age, biologically speaking and definitely not like the men today, that hold different codes (some codes I may find more appealing, other less). The other men in love or that love me (as a work) are also writers from my country. Do you remember the ...... I talked you about? Well, they are like him (what that man did that I still didn't talked you about that was touching is still touching but not so much as before or as I initially felt -but still moving, I wish him so much happiness, but I know he's not prone to happiness or not as much as I am: a happy animal). And I love them all, that's what I do or more accurately am (love!) but I don't think it's even my business to keep thinking about it. That wouldn't be wise as it is too much, really. Too-too much. The first writer has a hold on me, however. He's powerful. There is also an American musician, I was astonished to find out about him, then also realized I don't need to care either. I can only live truthfully in accordance to what's real(er). I believe very much in destiny and God or Good and I don't have to do more than what's clearly asked from me and that I do. (The original ...... so to speak -not .. ......, but I love .. ...... the most- is still 'him' and around but we're not communicating.)

Hot embrace from the heart space,


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