Mali-Lima (ven. 23 août 2019) ".."

Celebrated ....,

I didn't want to write, but I also know that you might have been waiting. So here I am. Life is complex and intense right now, I don't feel like explaining a lot because two weeks from now everything may be different again. I just don't see why you should be waiting. There's nothing I can promise you other than my friendly heart. I really like you, but I'm not in the position of giving you a lot of hope. I've been surprised recently by an unexpected female. I don't like you any less than yesterday -impossible!- but I'm staying focused on the present moment. As you know, I'm still not officially free. And as you've seen, I still love the other .. Very much, a lot. Anyway. We've had enough matters of the heart for today. I hope you're enjoying your summer and that all is well in your world(s). I really do. My summers aren't very special and, if life give me more years, I'd like to change that.

Yours in poetry and motion,


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