Mali-Lima (mer. 5 juin 2019) "Ce"

You’ll have to let me know if I can send you letters to Cambridge this summer, while I’m in Spain. I’d like to send you paper. Sheets. I also want to call you on the phone. Definitely getting tired of electronic mail. Now I’m going to meditatepray so so(me)one help me unloading. I really don’t want anything other than my essential happiness. I complicated my life so much. I don’t want unreal things and if I must have some of those I’m praying for beauty and simplicity.

(Night) kiss in


"Hello there"

My dear . from Cambridge,

I realize that sending you letters over the summer may not work well. You probably won't be home (or will be home, but where is that). It doesn't matter. The telephone? I'd love to talk to you, or better listening to you, but phones are a bit out of fashion as well. I guess I just want to finally meet you. Will I be able to wait MONTHS? H(owh)orrible. 

Whatever happens, or doesn't, I'm very tired now. I know my life well now. The time to change! Of course I can only describe it perfectly, but will that explain something [anything]? And how sweet would it be to be tired from the lo. Because I need someone to see me too. 

(Lastly.) This morning I woke up very early because of a nightmare and I was so terrified that I couldn't go back to sleep.

See soon.

Bi jou

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