Mali-Lima (27 mars 2019) "May bees march"

Daring ....,

Strange as it may be, I can't wait to meet you, you know? However I can't make it to Cambridge yet. Maybe soon. You don't have to answer now, but if you ever happen to be in London and feel like seeing me just let me know. I would feel extremely lucky and chosen if I had the chance to be spent by time with you. 

I wrote you a short, probably silly and not very specific about anything note, if you want, I'll mail it to you. I love the whole alphabet.

This is the letter. Don't worry, if you still want me to send it after having already read it, I can make another one. You can have as many pieces of paper from me as you want.

Soulintelligence ....,

I’m generating a little lot of joy by writing you, but what can I say if I’m not free to truly dance, as I tried to tell you already, because I wanted you to know.

I’m aware you do existence. Very aware. I could go on on why but for now, since you seem to be aware that I, too, exist, that's all.

I would really love to be near you, exposed to your awe inspiring profoundness.

I don’t know anything but I wish you all the best. Of it.

I hope you know who

elise is

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