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Entre la soledad y el sueño te encuentras tú. (Tú eres tú), te hablo cuando hablo sola. Sí me o yes me gustaría que

I'm the sunniest of girls. The weather, on the other hand, is half cloudy, half lonely.

Madera de pino de seda

The little woman is dead. 

I have class but I'm human.

Only through dance I have a chance.

Olvido y vida. 

La infancia no es la patria, es el exilio.

Find the brand of forgetfulness on my fingers.

I prefer money to myself. Are you ugly too? In my book, being ugly is the same as being stupid.

J'aime l'allemand parce que c'est une langue cassée et j'aime la façon dont l'air circule entre les mots.

If I'm not able to change myself, I won't be able change the world. That's the truth.  

It's officially late.

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