"Nunca declaraba la verdad sino de modo que los demás la creyesen mentira, ni la mentira sino a efectos de que la creyesen verdad"

"A First or Chief Minister of State, whom I intended to describe, was a creature wholly exempt from joy and grief, love and hatred, pity and anger; at least made use of no other passions but a violent desire of wealth, power, and titles; that he applies his words to all uses, except to the indication of his mind; that he never tells a truth, but with an intent that you should take it for a lie; nor a lie, but with a design that you should take it for a truth; that those he speaks worst of behind their backs are in the surest way to preferment; and whenever he begins to praise you to others or to yourself, you are from that day forlorn. The worst mark you can receive is a promise, especially when it is confirmed with an oath; after which every wise man retires, and gives over all hopes."

Gulliver's Travels (1735) by Jonathan Swift

Land of the Houyhnhnms (Luis Quintanilla's)

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¿No hacemos todos todo el tiempo lo que reza el título de ésta entrada?

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