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El pájaro se presta a olvido.

Las moras representan la sabiduría.

It can’t be old if it is all.

El amor, la enfermedad de los sanos.

You exist within the feeling of existence

la inexistencia poética está llena de cajas

Being pretty is about being lonely. Instead I need to become soulful (songlike).

everything blue starts in the sky, it ends like a star, lonely, in jeans, but happy -it's true-

we'll glue together in the end

in the end the end was nothing

Get a soul, then talk.

I don't want to die. That's why I'm telling you this. I want to light the lamp in my mind, clear the window, and fly.

Let me know. Let me now! Let me snow.

Entiendo que haya tanta guerra y dolor, si hasta yo misma estoy en guerra y sufro.

summer may be over but i’m starting over

Desayunar,  ducharse,  leer,  comer,  hacer la maleta,  escribir,  cenar,  escribir dormir.

At 16 I had a life of my own. 16 years later, no.

Will I be young at 99, 77, 55, 33? Will I be old? Dead? Will I be the same? I want to forget about age, now.

i lost myself, just what i thought it happened to others but it won't happen to me

Por los poros, gracias por la vida.



can't wait 'til yesterday.

la alegría venciéndome

Se me están agotando las reservas de felicidad... (tengo que fabricar más).

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