Lo(v) ver

Déjame entrar en tu cocina.

If I can't be wild I can't be at all. What is to be wild? To be free. What is to be free? To be unafraid.

Give love. Plenty of it.

Every day is a joy.

I want to be with you in a drawing of Klee.

¿Son las flores en su mediodía bolsillos de lluvia?

Life knows you so well that everyday gives you a surprise.

We live to hear the birds.

Give me a bicycle and a Bible and I won't be back to Twitter.

Thank you for being here now, whatever here and now means.

To anyone reading this: you are a very dear and beautiful tree.

Le temps existe pour que nous puissions aller de l'avant.

Time exists so we can move on.

That I love is true, the truth.

A la verdad se vuelve.

Fly, 1970. (Yoko Ono)

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