Killing is killing us

Robert Adams, Coos County, Oregon, 1999

Planet Earth is a living organism. The rivers are its arteries, the forests its lungs, the mountain chains its ribs, and human beings, circulating by the billions, are one of the many types of cells that inhabit this organism. Humans are getting sick, and the planet, the organism they are part of, has started to make headlines: global warming, "an inconvenient truth". The Earth has a fever.


The planet has a fever. Random chemical analysis and laboratory tests of the planet's fluids and gases show something alarming. There are chemicals everywhere. These chemicals are affecting everything and every other cell in this organism. The planet is in critical condition. If nothing changes, the prognosis is fatal in the short term. 

One type of cell on the planet, the human cell, is behaving erratically, killing its own kind and every other type of cell. This cell has eating habits that are very different from those of all other cells. The human cell manufactures toxic chemicals that are mixed with food and used for many other functions as well as released into the circulation, through which they kill other cells even in distant places. The human cell reproduces fast and disregards the natural laws of population density, space and food supply. Humans are cutting down all of Earth's trees and clogging up Earth's lungs. The balance has tipped: toxins, greenhouse gases among them, are accumulating faster than Earth's ability to neutralize and eliminate them. Toxicity is killing us and the planet. The planet has cancer, and we are it.

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